Site Fees

 *ALL Basic Listings are absolutely FREE. The only cost of selling an item is the listing fee optional features (if used) plus the sale transaction fee (15%).

 *LegendsDepot does NOT charge a "Buyer's Premium" to our Bidders/Members as MOST auction sites do. Some auction sites charge upwards of 20% above ALL final bid prices, meaning an item won for $100 would actually cost $120 BEFORE any additional fees/taxes are applied, and that can get VERY EXPENSIVE. That does NOT happen at LegendsDepot as there is absolutely NO "BUYER's PREMIUM".

 *LegendsDepot only charges a small Membership/Verification fee of ONLY $4.95 which provides bidding privileges for 30 days. Why continue to pay "Buyer's Premiums" YOUR money...BID with!

User Fees

User Signup Fee
1.00 USD